Valeria Cotoner is a luxury women's clothing brand,
built on the principles of tradition, quality and sustainability. The brand is the result of the passion for craftsmanship, fabrics and prints. Color is essential to us, we seek to create uplifting clothes with a purpose. Every piece is made with the intention of preserving artisan culture and seeks to integrate old-world techniques into modern clothing.

 Valeria Castillejo founded Valeria Cotoner in 2021. Born and raised in Madrid, Spain, Valeria's family roots are in Mallorca. Valeria has always been surrounded by nature and women with impeccable taste, in a place where the notion of luxury means beautifully crafted garments made to last. She loves the sea and the garden. 

Valeria moved to New York in 2016 to study Marketing at New York University,  while she attended to evening pattern-making classes at Parsons University. After, she decided to honor her family’s heritage through the launch of her label, while she worked at the flower studio she co-founded in Manhattan: Bleecker Flower Shop.

 Valeria brings her soul into each garment she produces. All underlying textiles and subsequently the clothes are designed by her, working alongside the producers directly at the source. 

Expect in her collections versatile and feminine pieces in vibrant colors and prints, influenced by the rich cultural heritage of her country. 

Valeria currently lives in the West Village (NYC) with her husband and dog.