• We only use natural products and fibres. Cotton is our most used fabric, and it's 100% organic (GOTS certified). We also use other materials such as silk, linen and wool.

    • Our prints are 100% designed by Valeria. Currently they are weaved in looms in India by families using ancestral weaving techniques passed down through generations and garments are stitched by tailors in Spain. We also digital print in factories in Italy. 


      • Our materials are dyed using chemical free dyes. Certified with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label.

      • We believe that the future of fashion is circular – we will try to make it as restorative and regenerative by design as possible. All our packaging; bags, boxes and tags are made with 100% recycled cotton using the waste of previous collections. The paper is tea dyed and chemical free.  

      • We have a deep connection to wildlife and care for their well-being. We believe in humans and animals connection. We believe in nurturing regenerative cycles and relationships. We believe in the sacred respect between humans and the environment.



      • We are Inclusive and Unifying. Dressing all women regardless of age or nationality "people matter".
      • We like to give and help. All our online orders are prepared with love by members of Aprocor, a spanish foundation which works to improve the quality of life of people with intelectual disabilities and their families. 
      • We do not appropriate of other communities instead, we restore and give. We are proud of our partners. We care about all the people we work with being fair, and we want to see all people involved in our business happy and feeling well by contributing for a better planet.
      • We believe that self-care is synonym to collective care. We believe in collective action for social change.
      • We believe in designing with communities and not simply for them. We believe in asking ourselves every day; What can we do today?