Our mission: As part of the fashion community, we are aware of the challenges that are facing our industry today. The planet doesn’t have enough natural resources to continue making clothes in the way we've become accustomed to. At Valeria Cotoner, we want to be part of the solution, and not contributing more to the problem. We want to create beautiful clothes and keep fashion going but in a conscious and responsible way. The brand was built on the foundation of creating clothes to last, so sustainable design practices have been at our core since day one.

We would like to share with you the essence of our beliefs, from the materials we use, to the suppliers we work with. Beyond our collections, within our production chains and throughout our community, from India to Europe and beyond, we are united in working together to contribute to a better world.

contribute to a better world.



Valeria Cotoner is built on a foundation of quality and longevity. That's why we have committed to becoming a fully circular brand in everything we do – from sourcing materials that have less impact on the environment to developing ways to extend the life of our products after they’ve left us. 90% of our materials are currently sustainably sourced.

contribute to a better world.

100% sustainablE


At Valeria Cotoner we are committed to sourcing quality materials that will have less impact on the environment. We mainly use natural products and fibers that have been 100% sustainably sourced.

Our goal: To start sourcing recycled materials and exploring new technologies and production methods, such as processes that use less water and regenerative organic farming that prioritizes restoring soil health to help in our measure fight climate change.




Organic materials are grown from organic seeds, which have not been genetically modified in any way. The cultivation process requires no synthetic fertilizers, protecting both our planet and its people. We’re constantly exploring new technologies and production methods, such as processes that use less water and regenerative organic farming that prioritizes restoring soil health to help fight climate change



Responsibly sourced materials cover three areas: the environment, animal welfare and social responsibility. At Valeria Cotoner we always try to partner with independent certification programs to bring you ethical and responsibly sourced materials that are fully traceable.



Natural vs Synthetic

At Valeria Cotoner we mainly use natural fibers, but are aware of the advantages of using man-made synthetics fibers such as elastane and polyester in the process. Synthetic fabrics often add very functional elements to a garment. For example, adding a small percentage of elastane to a swimsuit or dress will give them a slight stretch. Or, blending polyamide with viscose will help our coat linings last longer. We’re aware that blending natural and synthetic fibers makes them harder to break down and recycle into new fabrics. This is something that’s on our radar and we’re starting to explore with new partners. However, synthetic fibers can add strength to a garment – meaning it can be worn more and live a longer life.



Our aim is to have all our products designed for circularity. This means making sure our products are used more, made to be made again. Currently all our packaging is made from recycled cotton waste from previous collections




From committed supplier relationships and foundation partnerships to empowering our people, we’re passionate about choosing what is best for our wider community, not just our company. At Valeria Cotoner we want to drive equality and opportunity for all.


At Valeria Cotoner we want to take responsibility for the places and communities we interact with, and the suppliers we work with. We like to collaborate continuously with the same partners and build strong, long lasting relationships with them. From our hand weavers and cotton suppliers in India, to our Italian and Spanish artisans. We want to continue building a strong and diverse range of partners, whether that be an artisan or larger-scale factories.


We drive positive change by investing our time and resources to make a measurable impact in the communities we touch. We like to give and help. All our online orders are prepared with love by members of Aprocor, a Spanish foundation that works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.


  • • We are committed to building a brand where everyone is free to be themselves.
  • • We are Inclusive and Unifying. Dressing all women regardless of age or nationality - “people matter".
  • • We do not appropriate of other communities instead, we restore and give. We are proud of our partners. We care about all the people we work with being fair, and we want to see all those involved in our business happy and feeling well fulfilled by contributing to a better planet.
  • • We believe that self-care is a synonym of collective care. We believe in collective action for social change.
  • • We believe in designing with communities and not simply for them. We believe in asking ourselves every day: What can we do today?